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Hello everybody! Welcome. I have created this site primarily for the benefit of students of our college and elsewhere. Students may find here, a host of information related to the subject of Electronic Science, in the form of syllabus, questions, their solutions, references and web-links, by visting my 'Teaching page'. They may participate in online quizzes pertaining to the current topics being taught in class, through interactive java applets. They may also send their feedback from the class and ask questions through a form. Some of the contents within the site are likely to benefit students of Physics Honours and those pursuing post graduate courses in Electronic Science and Physics as well. Of late, we have been carrying out research in developing innovative e-learning objects in physics and electronics. We are also into developing novel apps for Android. I would like to provide my students some insights into our present as well as past work through my 'Research page'. Amidst all the study and research, it makes sense to include some trivia as well. To that end, I have included some interesting travel-related anectdotes in the 'Travel page'.

Links to some of our apps:

'mm Graph' Android App (info page)

Watch 'mm Graph' intro video (mobile version) New

Watch 'mm Graph' intro video (PC version) New

'Lab Plot n Fit' Android App (info page)

'Log Graph' Android App (info page)

'2D Data Plotter' Android App (info page)

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Lab Plot n Fit
Log Graph
2D Data Plotter
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E-Learning in select topics of Solid State Physics and Quantum Mechanics
A short trip to Haridwar and Rishikesh New
A trip to Agra to see the Taj Mahal
Trip to Vizag
Rendezvous with Darjeeling
Academic and professional background
List of publications

University of Calcutta
Higher Education Department, Government of West Bengal
University Grants Commission (UGC)
Physics Education journal

Few screenshots of our work or from this site:

Questions and Answers

Lab Data Plotting using a smartphone

Formation of standing waves in a transmission line
Formation of standing waves and SW pattern in a transmission line

Surface plot of quantum potential in excited state of CO
Surface plot of quantum potential in excited state of a diatomic molecule

Electric-field dynamics of a He atom
Electric-field dynamics of a He atom

Understanding Wavepacket dynamics through a java applet
Understanding Wavepacket dynamics
through a java applet

Trip to Darjeeling: The Queen of the Himalayas
Trip to Darjeeling:
The Queen of the Himalayas

Selected contents:

Recent additions to my list of publications

Paper on e-learning in Physics Education Jan-March 2013 issue, article no.1.

A trip to Agra to see the Taj Mahal

Questions and Answers

YouTube Animations of Standing Waves and Standing Wave patterns in Transmission Lines

Brief note on the different modes of operation of the 8255A programmable peripheral interfacing device

Check out the new additions to my travel page

I would like to stress the fact that this endeavour on my part is driven purely out of my wish to use my computational skills developed during my doctoral and post-doctoral years and my teaching expertise, painstakingly developed over the subsequent years, to help the students of electronics and physics, and also to make use of my penchant for writing to share my travel and other experiences with the larger web-audience. I hope every visitor to the site finds it useful or entertaining in some way or the other. I have coded the entire site myself, primarily with the help of HTML and CSS. A free guestbook from 123guestbook.com has been made use of though. I would love to have your feedback.

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